Jason and Alice Case Study

Both Jason and Alice were staying at Punggol 4 room HDB. Their combine income is $7000. They have 1 child and intend to have another child next year. Their initial plan was to buy a 5 room HDB flat @RedHill as it is near the parents.

After meeting up with them and understanding their situation, I shared with them an Asset Progression Plan that can help them:
  • Upgrade to a Condo and also own a property for investment
  • Stay near parents place
  • Safety cash reserve funds “For Rainy Days”
Now they are a proud owner of a Condo in Redhill, Alice will be the owner of another property for investment!

You might be thinking Upgrading or Owning multiple properties is very RISKY.

Is time for you to make the first step to Register a sharing with me to explore more options because the more you wait, the more concern will comes in as your Age, Loan To Value, Additional Buyer Stamp Duty, CPF might adjust along the way by government. No Obligation discussion

Old HDB Flats: Asset losing their value?

Theres is this article talking about HDB 99 year lease.

So is it an asset or liability?

It is time for you to EXPLORE more options and gain free knowledge before you decide what you want to do.

So what will I be cover during the sharing?

During the sharing session what can expect:

  • I will share with you my thoughts about using “CPF to finance your house”

  • Have you ever seen or heard Home Owners fully paid their HDB?

  • With the Latest Cooling Measures, what else can you do to explore?

There is NOTHING to lose in gaining more knowledge. After all, knowledge is power.


Thoughout my career, I have met numerous home buyers who have their individual concerns. Therefore, i will strive to understand their situation and provides solutions for their property decisions.